Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Junkie Shuffle (for Eric)

Greeting his fate
He welcomed it with hate
Sat up all night 
in dreadful wait

He'd begun to have to run
Swore it'd only be one
Thick and numb
21 and done

Now it's a full out flee
And there's no one left to see
How this fix would end
and lead death to my friend 

Obituary    Birthday,
Convulsion    Narcolepsy,
Neurotic    Raging Comatose,
Heart swollen    Timely Overdose

Cool   damp   slumped on the stair
Clumped   sticky blonde hair 
Ashen waif   the body gets harder
Lying swaddled like a martyr

Happy   now
unhooked   content
No longer hell-bent
In a peaceful vent

It's all been done before
Damn that mudslinging whore
Seductive    slinging the cure
But this cure    was too pure

Cliche'd death 
It'll be mocked and scoffed
By the deadly dances
As the junkies that shuffle off

-BSW 1995