Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Authentic Love flows thick, 
Naturally, thins over miles.
Purest Love growls some,
 between the smiles.
Love lives in Truth,
the heat at your core.
For this fully felt fear,
We will Love, even more.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Long Nights

Slow and easy, long nights

Propagators of passion
Warm skin pressed close
Synchronized, they breath 
He, inhales her dreams 
Protective over her peace
Roused and aroused 
Opens her opalescent azure eyes
Heavy with desire
She wakes her man, 
Invites him closer, 
To contact, she backs in
Her hips squirm the words 
Her mouth need not say
Up and alert,
He feels her moist request, 
His chest to her warm shoulders 
From behind his bonded lover
Smoothly, He moves 
and stretches hisself for leverage
Wide open and wet
Easily he glides inside her
In subtle waves they move
He grips her waist
She clutches his hand
Subtle waves 
become powerful thrusts
A duet of impassioned sighs
Quaking, she sings in her gasp 
Her spasm pulls him up
His body tenses — resists 
then releases—
Her pleasure is his reward
His sweaty smile her's
Together, they find 
the peace and escape they need
Nowhere to be today
This is their bliss, 
The quiet of a moment
Alone, unspoiled, unspoken 
They fall —back — into dreams

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Not My Night

Then Four

Healthy, the living slumber on.
Life has no providence here.
This is No Man's Hour.

Give me a breath, a relief of light
Spare my life and I'll put it all right

Scorched and bleeding, persistently seething
For all this pleading, I am still breathing

Unheard, my soul evaporates Beyond
Quieter than quiet - ethereal - then gone

Deathly still this frigid breath of night
Nature ignores the un-living, spares no light

A crystal sky, so blue it's black
Hangs over this hell and hounds me to pack

Three-eighths moon, waxing, expanding disc
The Night's supplier of denial and risk

Your not my end—not my home or my friend
Damn this void of dark still makes the starkest mark

In a vacuum I shouted and made a choice so bold
And back, I flew, into my body lying cold

Wandering, wakeful and aware tonight
I'm alive for the light and this is not my night.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

In the Moment

Heavy quiet night lays over me like a warm comforter. It's now when I'm stripped naked of predisposition and quiet, responsible for only my thoughts, hopes and regrets, wishing I had fewer of some and more of others.

Until, the thought...

Do you ever feel a panic overcome your soul in the form of a wave of awareness that starkly reminds you of who you were, what you are and how the two are so divorced from one another that it takes your breath away and shocks you with a bolt of fear that you might have missed every real opportunity to feel your life, to live and be happy.

Of course, not. 
You wouldn't