Saturday, July 26, 2014


I'm sure I would have been just as crazy 
about a son, but aren't daughters the greatest? 
The most interesting, insightful, emotional, 
impatient, life affirming souls.
I was destined to be "dad with daughter." 
It's as natural a thing as inhaling the air to me.
Sometimes that air is cold, 
sometimes it's too hot, 
but mostly that air 
is full of sweet smells 
I can't imagine my life without that air. 
I reckon it'd be awfully hard to breathe.

bSw 8/1/2014

Friday, July 4, 2014

"He, is not a lover, who does not Love Forever." ~Euripides

Here - you will forever be
A part of you - lives within in me

Although - now we're apart
Separated by space - you'll be in my heart

The sweetest magic - in a Universe of free will
So divine a design - ordained and fulfilled

Was to know you - for as long as I could
I'll forever be better - for what's now understood

Even after we've gone - and roles must change
A Chosen Love between two - forever remains

We go about our journeys - separate and anew
Proud - Compassionate - best for me and you

 Wherever you go - beyond our end 
I wish you happiness
My beloved friend.