Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Fake News" Yet Another Production Brought to You by the Main Stream Propaganda Machine

(ROUGH DRAFT ver 1.3)

If our experience scrutinizing the methods of these psychopaths has taught us anything at all it is surely this:
We know their modus operandi is the subversive employment of the Hegelian Dialectic (problem-reaction-solution) executed via media, perceived chaos, false flags and psyops. By now, most of us must surely know this and be somewhat adept at identifying the persuasive tactics packaged with a story or chaotic media driven plot line chock full of fear and public displays of authority in an ever growing paramilitary police presence. Surely, by now whenever we see network media providing the entire country with a twelve hour wall-to-wall narrative of black vs. white; rich vs. poor; Muslim vs. Christian or corporate war machine vs. mud huts in the desert, hopefully by now we can identify these productions for what they are; staged events. Whether the entire event was conceived on a whiteboard or whether the hot-button, socially corrosive ingredients were peppered into a conveniently spontaneous event, the aim is the same. These eventful moments with their instant interest and the instigation of social justice warriors and their chronically uninformed arguments; the form and function is always the same; Snatch the attention of the public, elicit emotions and reactions and either subconsciously or overtly persuade them to automatically support the solution/agenda that inevitably and immediately follows. Rousing our emotions with graphic narratives and images of violence being committed to what sane and good people identify as innocents is their bread and butter. And for good reason. We are compassionate human souls who react appropriately to such stimulus. Desire for Justice for the oppressed and defenseless is one of our most precious virtues and truly what separates us from them. And they know us very well, because they so easily exploit our virtues to use against us for their gain. Therefore, we must access and use our intellect and innate abilities for critical thinking ANYTIME a story or event is presented to us wrapped in implied strong emotions. It's imperative if we are to maintain positive and healthy order in our world. OUR world. Not theirs. They only work for us. Either we reel these evil jokers in, or we fire them, or we withdraw our consent and move on without them. First, we must regain the use of our minds from the labrynth of  infotainment. 

Whether it was a Skull and Bones Bush preying on our sensitivities to buy our support for their own well documented personally profitable doctrine of endless war in the Middle East; whether it was good ol' dirty boy Bill Jeff Clinton and proxy goon Janet Reno pumping propagandized horror stories about Branch Dravidians to justify a military show of force and violence against st Americans inside America; or m pre World War I with the Lusitania; to Pearl Harbor; to the Gulf of Tonkin; to the hysteria manufactured by proxy via the rise of communism and the Soviet Union; to the Cold War where honest, trusting supporters of nationalism; both adults and children alike, were traumatized throughout the 1980s by the subtly ubiquitous thought-form of "imminent doom" just as it was conceived to do at the Roundtables of those shadowy Lords of influence; then to be subsequently and dutifully reinforced daily by their newest and now fully harnessed weapon of mass persuasion, known to the uninitiated as Mass Media.

A deviously successful implant of fear that quickly took root and spread its subversive tentacles throughout the public mind with surgical efficiency. Opinions, persuasions and outright propaganda (AKA LIES) for the purpose of reaching directly into and shaping the psyche of an entire continent for the ultimate and sole purpose of maintaining the status quo– To ensure their place in power.

Put more specifically, to ensure that the masses are kept in their place, sequestered from the full truth of their reality and to ensure that the fat cat Lords of manipulation and debauchery maintain their unchecked, unelected, unseen, mostly unnamed and unchallenged positions of influence and control. The establishment of the body of government advisors, media moguls and controllers of information dissemination known as the Council on Foreign Relations coupled with these events mark that dark moment in time where we can today note the very moment at which the "technocracy rising" took place by the overtaking of American values and lifestyle with their tacit tactics of totalitarianism.

The systematic subconscious installation of a feeling of helplessness so profound that The People would rely more than ever on their government and at times even beg their masters for protection from the boogeyman of their nightmares; and only for the low bargain price of dismantling The Bill of Rights.

Consider the propaganda set out on to the people through mass media during the Cold War era. A "PROBLEM" so severe that it incites such strong "REACTIONS" that manifest in the form of emotions like fear and feelings of helplessness perfectly establish the context for the solution the Lords of Power had already prepared.

Through subconscious word-association the mass media served its corporate masters by instilling paralyzing fear into Americans by using buzzwords like "nuclear proliferation," "Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile" ICBM (I see Bombs) and "Mutually Assured Destruction" or MAD. Terms that were echoed so prominently in the media that they became part of the common vernacular. And of course, fear became a part of the public mind and you can see the post-traumatic stress symptoms still alive in the public mind. So much trauma from unrealized fears that denial of such issues like this this - specifically, denial of a collision of forces to remove liberties from Americans - is still rampant among the people. So strong still, in fact, that many people will attack the messenger who brings these truths before them. We are a traumatized people who need to confront our fears and acknowledge our reality before it's too late.

That is the point in American history where the seed of its own demise was set. Through the years details vary only in the subtlest of ways from case to case. But the method has remained consistent.

Now, here we are once again staring back into the panopticon as it watches us react to its gravely disturbing stimulus, waiting for our emotional outcry for justice so it can quickly step in to give us what we ask for - as long as we're asking for more protection, less liberty and more control.

We'd be wise warriors at this time
If we could separate emotion from narrative
and not give in to the instinct to lash until we have enough facts to tell the full story - if it's a story.

BSW 11/29/2016

Monday, November 14, 2016


       'Tis the season for the same old treason.

Can the good people of this land truly not recognize a 'fugazi' placed right before their eyes? For many reasons, of which I'll opine on with greater detail in subsequent posts, it appears the answer is, NO, they cannot - or perhaps they're choosing (subconsciously?) to ignore the all too obvious deceptions. As a collective, the people still massively support a deviously corrupted, greedy, spiteful, warmongering, murderous regime that actually remains mostly intact regardless which stuffed suit occupies the Oval Office. From one administration to the next consistently it is for the most part only social issues that are bantered about and occasionally addressed or subtly changed. For our apathy, inattention, numbness and lack of responsibility, today, we are living more so than ever before in an Orwellian system of control that dictates agendas and conjures false emotions in the minds of its loyal and confused subjects with surgical precision. 

Orwellian? Oh, hell yes! Make no mistake about it. If you haven't already, read George Orwell's looking-glass into the future, his 1948 novel "1984" or "Animal Farm" (1945). Or just as easily this current reality could be dubbed Huxleian, for Aldous Huxley's sinister and prophetic view of society in the future as he saw it, some feel he preferred it,  in his 1932 novel "Brave New World" (audio book online -public domain now- you know how to search). Orwellian, in many ways, not the least of which made evident by how many of our fellow folk make ALL of their political choices based on the scientifically measured, psychologically crafted deluge of culture forming dis-information that pours forth from the beautifully sleek flat screen propaganda portals that are the ubiquitous centerpiece of most American living rooms - not to mention, bedrooms, kitchens, patios and bathrooms. It appears that the indoctrination is complete and has been a resounding success. All one has to do to confirm this notion is acknowledge the predictable reactions seen after this past election. Elation, cheers and fratboy-like celebrations among those who witnessed the ascension of their chosen master to the throne - and then the weepy, whining, crying faces and #NotMyPresident protesting in the streets from those who didn't get the master they so dearly wanted. Do you really want a master so badly that you'd take to the streets to beg for one? (topic for another day) 

Ladies and gentlemen... Good folks... 
My brothers and sisters...

What the hell has happened to our sense of reason and our ability to think logically? Have the good people of this land simply let go of their pride and completely stopped analyzing information and thinking for themselves?

Sadly, I think its all too clear to see that this is precisely what has occurred. More specifically, it is the corrosive tentacles of collectivism that has wound its goopy grasp around our lives and thus, has worked its subversive magic on the lot of us. Why else would otherwise free and naturally independent human beings fully capable of managing their own lives in the microcosm clamor, riot, argue hatefully and even BEG for a master of the macrocosm that they DO NOT need; one that consistently lies, removes liberties and creates clusterfucks where none previously existed - why? What has ever changed truly for the better after one of these pre-selected demigods has moved into the West Wing?

I challenge you to earnestly consider that question.

War is still war, though one regime may call it conflict or a police action. And for decades now, for sure since September 11, 2001, we have supported military actions all over the globe in the name of... what? Is it "terrorism" we're fighting? Is there actually a navy from the country of "Terrorism" lurking in the oceans prepared to invade the USA? Is there truly a threat from anywhere? When you've done the research and followed the evidence where it leads (attention MSM journalists, that's what you're supposed to do) to their origin until you learn that Al-Quaeda was a US creation, and how ISIS is a US creation - and why. When you've unplugged from the mainstream propaganda long enough to witness with your own eyes the video evidence of how you and I were convinced by dishonest marketing techniques, created by an actual MARKETING FIRM, to support invading Iraq -TWICE; When you've let go of the faith-based hope that "it can't happen here" and you've accepted that the official story of 9/11 was/is a ridiculous, shameful and treasonous distraction from the facts that served to shock our nation into supporting the greatest reduction in personal privacy in history, whittling away of more and more liberties in the name of "national security" and of course, once again, manufacturing support for endless war throughout the Middle East, this time via trauma-based subconscious persuasion; one begins to get the picture- As long as not one of these pretend candidates says a word about even one of these issues; As long as the representatives continue to meet in Washington and pretend to do business as-if there could be any issue more critical than the overdue ferreting of out the psychopaths that inhabit our government and run such abhorrent operations that kill all over the world, not to mention three-thousand of our own very much innocent, very much loved by their families and very much DEAD Americans; As long as these issues remain unspoken, relegated to "conspiracy nutters" and most importantly, as long as the same individuals who participated in these truly evil operations continue finding positions within this government or gaining promotions through the ranks of their corporate gigs for "atta boy, job well-done" there can be no trust of such a system. 

So, what is that we are arguing with each other about? Did your candidate commit more or less crimes than mine? Is my candidate less creepy than yours? Is your candidate a racist? Did my candidate meet with aliens from the Pleiades at Area 51? REALLY??? These are the issues that we should be angry about and have us marching in the streets?  

No. This is the result of collectivism, where we are indoctrinated through media, social media, etc... to be hateful and attack anyone who doesn't share our belief system... belief systems that were not our own to begin with. After all, we have far more in common with one another that we have differences, unless you engage in the emotionally triggering events promoted by the corporate media and written by advisers of the establishment elite. It is the goal of the establishment to create and amplify any possible ways that we might be different. And obviously, they're succeeding. Because, they tell us every day how we are "more divided than ever." That was Mrs. Clinton's message in her farewell speech. Mr. Trump- no different, no better. Observe the shills, banksters, neocon warmongers and treasonous criminals with which he is filling out his cabinet. New boss, same as the old boss. I don't want or need a boss like that. Do you?

As long as corporations can purchase seats in government, as long as the incestuous relations between Wall-Street bankers and government remains promiscuous and as long as NOT ONE SINGLE MAN OR WOMAN sitting in government or running for a seat in it has the moral fortitude or plain decency to challenge these most glaring obfuscations of truth, justice and simple respect for human life and as long as they continue to treat the people as though we were idiots who will take our cues from the media they provide and ritually run to the polls every two years to give our consent to be ruled over by new masters- as long as THIS is the status-quo, there is no choice other than to TAKE BACK OUR DIGNITY!          

Unplug.  Ignore.
Put your focus on your family, your community, hold your local leaders accountable, get involved at home, unplug your television with a pair of fucking scissors and ignore the noise that reverberates from the cesspool that used to be our nation's capitol.

It is a new day, a new state of mind in our world and revolution is NOT the answer. To revolve is to move around and return back to the same place. Replacing the old with something new into the same situation and expecting a better result is, well... insane. So, it is not revolution we want, what we must embrace is EVOLUTION. Evolve, rather than revolve. We must evolve from the habits that have brought us to this place of ineptitude and ignorance. It won't require one-hundred million of us to make the change. The rest will come along when when they sense the movement. Historically, entire nations have been changed by very small percentages of their populations.  

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed men and women can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead

For it is not, violence and bloodshed that creates the peaceful world our children deserve. Do not misunderstand, when a violent threat is presented, violence certainly is prescribed. However, this faction that controls our government and thus, our much of our reality only does so because we have consented for them to play that role. In fact, it is the most basic and most overlooked tenet of republican democracy. You are only governed because in one or many ways you have consented to be. Therefore, when that system has fallen into the chasm corruption to the point where it can no longer hear your charge, or worse, pretends to hear but ignores the will of the people, then the time has come for action; action that results in attention and inevitable change.

When we march and protest at the capitol we are beggars. My brothers and sisters, WE ARE THE RULERS OF OUR LIVES, we are not beggars. Governments are created by people, and changed by people. It has never been the other way around, because it cannot be. So, do not ever discount your authority over your reality and own life. Withdraw your consent from a corrupt leadership by simply refusing to engage in the mind-control exercise otherwise known as mainstream or major network media and do not participate in the emotional provocations promoted from their ranks. These are tactics intended to distract your mind from the truth and worse they are tactics purposely devised and executed to promote division among us; division throughout the populous. For, without our collective fear and hateful infighting with one another over obviously terrible non-choices for leadership, they would have no avenue for creating the perceived chaos they purvey. And when we choose to unlearn our indoctrination and relearn how to employ our natural methods of critical thinking and logical analysis, we suddenly have removed the veil they depend on so heavily. No violence required. Only knowledge. Remember always, this is a time for Evolution not revolution; where every man and woman are sovereign and have no need for a master, and surely not a tyrant.

"The iron hand that crushed the tyrant's head,
...became the tyrant in his stead."  -William Blake

Gather your information piece by piece from as many sources as you can. Then rely on logic and logic alone to weed out the contradictions. Then and only then do you have a true view of your reality. As a result, your rhetoric is suddenly clear again and your confidence high, your esteem restored and you see truth with much greater ease. That is when you are truly free, independent and in charge of your own liberty with no need to engage in the sophistry and solipsism that is the farce of modern politics. Suddenly, you find yourself and your family living with grace and in abundance outside of the matrix of those manufactured emotions and mass produced opinions. Therein lies the beauty of your life! Your real life! The one your creator intended for you. THAT is your inheritance and yours alone to claim. Don't leave it to rot on the vine. Pick that fruit, enjoy its sweet reward and settle for nothing less than authenticity and truth. 

If we do not return with haste to thinking for ourselves instead of reacting to the incessant Hegelian Dialectic of problem-reaction-solution presented to us daily, we will surely descend further and further into darkness. It is doable. It is more than doable; it is being done right now! What are you waiting for? Surely not another candidate? Are you waiting for someone to come save you? Wait no more. Your creator empowered you with all the energy, intelligence and heart you need to be your greatest version- and you, we all, were intended for for greater a fate than blindly following these flawed self-appointed demigods over the cliff. 

You are ALL my people. My brothers and sisters.
And I will fight the information on your behalf because that is my calling. 
But, would you fight for yourself ? 
Will you?
Because, we will win!
We cannot possibly lose.

In Love and Light, Always, 
Brad S Ward
Charlotte, NC

Please check back here for appearance dates as they become available for December.
I will be presenting a lecture series in and around the Charlotte area beginning in late 2016 and with greater frequency beginning in early 2017. My message is fact-based. I offer a bibliography pamphlet of all primary resources used in my research and I insist all who attend follow up by vetting my sources on your own. Then, it becomes your message, your truth, your power. Because the message should not be and is not about myself. It is about the truth and it is the truth that shall set us free.

Friday, November 4, 2016

As Above, So Below: The Exoteric & Esoteric PsychoAstro-logical Guidefor the Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Lady - In Love

Copyright, BradSWard, Plasteroparis Publishing 2016

Opposites? or Complements? 
Repelled? Or Attracted?
I do? or I don't? 

These two signs have traditionally been warned away from one another by Astrologers for their many aspects and personality traits that stand in clear opposition; at least on the surface. This essay is an analysis of the star crossed pairing as it is read exoterically followed by a hopeful twist in the form of a slightly more esoteric reading for those of you who feel sturdy enough to weather the low odds risk.  Also known as, the hopelessly masochistic romantics.

Best of luck to those of you who venture into the unforgiving wilds of fate. You have been warned.

Your Scorpio Man:
A fixed, water sign; mysterious, hypnotic, deeply passionate, the most sensual and sexually adept sign of the entire zodiac, however, the Scorpio mates for life and when he has identified his mate, in his mind there is no other; often too sensitive, your Scorpioght  man will have much difficulty letting go should you part ways with him; for him, communication is the expressive equivalent of love; denial of communication is painful to the Scorpio man; Betrayal and/or rejection from his love relationship feels like a death to him; When love hits the rocks and especially if he feels rejected or betrayed, The Scorpio man will brood... and brood some more, polishing up his poison stinger one moment, lamenting his loss the next. This intensity is not to be mistaken for aggression even if it appears as such, Scorpio loves hard! But, the razor tip of his stinger is reserved solely for the defense of his beloved. He takes affairs of the heart, literally to heart, and does not cut the cord easily. However, once the Scorpio man has reached the point where he knows his love is denied, he turns fast never to look back; There is only room for one in the heart of your Scorpio man.
Ever the investigator, he is compelled to challenge the status quo; in search of meaning; He is the most highly intuitive sign of the zodiac; intensely intrigued by that which is hidden, seeks to know the unknown, which makes him fearless in the face of danger; your Scorpio man is loyal and protective- he is your knight, in dark armor; He embraces the transformative nature of the occult, and is forever on a quest for self-improvement
he will want to know you at the deepest level, and is in search of one who wants to know his heart and truly understand him.

Your Sagittarius Lady:
A mutable, fire sign; happiest when on the move and starting off on a new adventure, less happy when tied to a mundane routine; Sagittarius is drawn to walking and athletic activities such as track & field; she loves to have a good time and is fun to be with. Her desire for adventure is matched by her ability to switch roles on demand; for her adeptness in code switching and role playing, The Sagittarius lady is a natural in business and the field of sales. Your Sagittarius Lady has a true heart and an honest spirit, her only deceptions being omissions, for this trait, she is oft hard-pressed to openly share her feelings with her mate. This should not be confused with denial of care or lack of genuine love, she is always seeking, thus she is frequently assessing the true and current status of her heart. One shall never limit the Sagittarius Lady, and he may issue his ultimatums to her at his own peril. She will not see it as a challenge to make a choice, or see options at all, she will ONLY feel it as an unnecessary restraint on the nature of her spirit (the word "unnecessary" is used because there certain restraints that your Sagittarius Lady craves, loves and needs... but will not ask for). Her love of adventure and freedom are often misunderstood by her suitors. It is the man who understands her need for space who will satisfy his fickle Sagittarius Lady. However, that is not the sum of her beautiful quirks. The man who wants to keep his Sagittarius Lady and satisfy her curious, sometimes restless heart realizes  that what she really wants and needs is to be lead, not trapped; loved, not owned; protected, not smothered. Boredom is the enemy of the Sagittarius Lady and to stagnate in her presence, is to push her onto some other adventure or man. Your Sagittarius Lady, whether she realizes it or not, loves the chase or at least to be reminded of the exhilaration of the chase. Simply put, she wants it kept feeling new and there are few in the zodiac who can meet her desire for fresh excitement, except for that otherwise taboo Scorpio man. It within the correspondence that Scorpio and Sagittarius defy the fault in their stars outright as the passionate, mysterious, devoted Scorpio man effortlessly fulfills the Sagittarius Lady's deep need for versatility. This is where some Scorpio men defy their fixed water aspect and transform effortlessly, Phoenix-style, into the mutable fire lover she craves and ultimately needs.

Scorpio & Sagittarius in Harmony: 
An Esoteric Reading of a Complex Partnership

On the surface, analysis of these richly aspected zodiacal neighbors commonly yields interpretations replete with opposition and portends of discord. Queries for guidance regarding general romantic compatibility or long-term emotional investment where the divination method consults pertinent aspects of each sign in a one-to-one comparison can certainly produce a polarizing image in support of ominous or cautionary conclusions. You wouldn't fire your Astrologer for such a straight-forward exoteric reading. However, as is typically the case in the divination arts, a deeper look into the esoteric aspects of Scorpio and Sagittarius reveals that there is more to the story. Perhaps the secret to unlocking the perfect earthbound union between these two souls in the microcosm below is hidden in plain sight, as seen every night, in the heavenly reflection of these two souls in the macrocosm above. For all the beauty found in their complex union above, certainly, a more spiritual interpretation of these eternal celestial mates is needed.

"All that is hidden shall be revealed."
Luke 12:2 KJV

The Law of Polarity is the underlying oft overlooked progenitor of the dynamic Scorpio/Sagittarius energy flux. It is their own energy, generated from within, that holds this bond tight and unbroken for life. Where the one is charged positively the other complements the relationship with a negative charge and vice-versa. And is that, most basic principle of magnetism that is actually at work between Scorpio and Sagittarius. For it well understood as a law of nature, that as magnetism occurs in nature, like charges are repulsed by like charges and opposite charges are ATTRACTED to one another and in fact, will join and bond and if there is some form of interference impeding those opposite charges, their force of attraction toward one another remains indefinitely. Simply, two opposite charges are drawn directly together until they meet and bond into one and the opposite charges that happen to meet resistance, remain attracted to one another forever. Scorpio and Sagittarius have identified as "not a good match" and "much too in opposition" due to their many aspects that stand in direct opposition. That has long been the exoteric (public, widely known, unexamined) perspective. Clearly, upon closer inspection of a more esoteric (hidden, below the surface, deeply investigated) perspective, it is very easy for "those who have eyes to see" to behold the truth of these two zodiacal polarities who are in fact, drawn together and bonded more completely than most. Male to female, darkness to light, hot to cold dry to wet... these are called opposites commonly, however they are each but degrees of the same element separated by nothing more than, respectively, ascending or descending degrees of the same. For example, hot water and cold water are still both water and will join to balance the temperature together. Therefore, they are "opposites" is an irrelevant term in this case. They are complementary; working together; equalizing; balancing; ultimately creating life. For Scorpio and Sagittarius it from this principle, the complementary nature of their aspects, that their union is nourished universally. The Hermetic Principle of Correspondence is where the universal understanding, as above, so below, was born; and applies perfectly to the relationship between Scorpio & Sagittarius.

They occur in succession on the zodiacal wheel, and also inhabit the heavens side-by-side. Forever complementary counterparts, equally polarized, and through the generative force of polarity, the two create the one, indivisible, indispensable, cooperative, the one supporting the other as together they provide the spirit of the season of holidays, celebrations, homecomings, love and family. Additionally, when the physical astronomical position of the constellations representing Scorpio and Sagittarius are observed and taken into account, these partners in creation, remain in position to co-rule over the winter solstice, birth and death, laying to rest the tired, the withered and conceiving and resurrecting the Sun, the light of the world, the generative force of Life-giving light. The inseparable, undeniable rulers and co-creators of the most magically spiritual season of the year. That is no small significance. Scorpio and Sagittarius, for their balance, complements, give and take, are bound together forever in love and light, as above, so below.

Bradley S Ward
November 6, 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016

Never Allow The State To Do Your Thinking For You


Doesn't matter what the press says.
Doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say.
Doesn't matter if the whole country decides 
that something wrong is something right.
This nation was founded on one principle 
above all else: 
The requirement that we stand up 
for what we believe, 
no matter the odds or the consequences. 
When the mob and the press 
and the whole world tell you to move, 
your job is to plant yourself like a tree 
beside the river of truth, 
and tell the whole world -- 

"No, YOU move."

      written by
Straczynski, J. Michael.
          Amazing Spider-Man #537.
          December 2006.

The seal from a 1778 $20 bill from Georgia. 
The financial backing for these bills was property seized from loyalists. 
The motto reads 
"Nemo me impune lacesset," 
i.e. "No one will provoke me with impunity."

Thursday, August 25, 2016


"Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the

illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning

They begin sensing that something is amiss, 
and start looking for answers. 

Inner knowledge 

and anomalous outer experiences 
show them a side of reality 
that others are oblivious to. 
And so begins their

journey of awakening. 

Each step of the journey made by 

following the heart 
instead of following the crowd

choosing knowledge 
over the veils of ignorance."

Henri Bergson

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Sunday Before 50

Sunday morning,
January 31, 2016
at Bank of America Stadium
Charlotte, NC

The practice field is closed for the season. 
There's nothing left to do down there. The grass
on the stadium field looks hairy and brown with
week-old fading logos. There are only echoes in
our Carolina Cathedral of Football this Sunday 
morning. But, these are the echoes -
of a championship.

What is this energy in this place? 

It is the clarity of a cloudless Carolina blue
afternoon sky contrasted by the limitless palette
and spirit of seventy-thousand elated fans. In the
heart of our Carolina - with no "s" on football
Sundays - it is the spirit of 53 men, their steady
leader and the stoic kind-hearted confident man
who brought the NFL to Charlotte. 

That is the energy that swirls through our hallowed
now cavernous meeting place this morning. 

It is the energy and spirit that brings people together 
and bonds them in the happiness of a proper celebration 
in times when our world, our souls, could surely use it.

This is good.
This feels right. 
But, it's not over yet. 
This is the calm before...

Brad S. Ward

#CarolinaPanthers  #SB50  #SamMills51

Monday, January 11, 2016

Wal-Mart Apocalypse

Preferably, my shadow doesn't darken the evil electric sliding passages of this product peddling pergatory posing as a box-store. However, in the course of an adventurous human's journey, at some point it is inevitable that I will be forced, coerced or otherwise lead under duress and verbal protest into the cold blackened soul of this retail behemoth in support of others who willingly venture forth into the cavernous cacophony of mercantile madness commonly known as Wal-Mart; Wally World for those less cynical than myself.

When this occurs, I go dutifully into the danger alongside my friends and loved-ones if for no other reason than to protect them from the endless lurking, dead-eyed cart jockeys that seem to breed and multiply in number possibly sprouting right up from dank fertile carpets of the apparel department. They seem always be there, never leave this mind-warping vortex no matter what time of day such a macabre census is executed.

It is a duty of love and honor for those who don't know the peril they insist upon chancing. I do it for them. Even though the ones I accompany inside the beast know not the horrors they risk by entering, when they ask, I first offer many safer alternatives for mindless adventure, such as elective skin grafting procedures or 'chuteless sky diving. When the unenlightened refuse either of those less painful options, I inform them of my policy for escort into this bane on society. I explain that with regard to my behavior, I make no promises or guarantees; express, limited or otherwise where entering thst Hell Hole battleground is concerned. Anything is possible and I go for them against my will and better judgement. Because, this is a place where the laws of civilized society seem to not apply, in fact I'm suspicious that most of the vacant bodies seen shuffling through that pit of doom on any particular day are not of human origin or at best undead wanderers staging themselves for the Zombie Apocalypse. 
This is an alert to all my fellow species, for the love of humanity. 
You have been warned.

But, that's just my opinion; I could be wrong.