Monday, February 1, 2016

The Sunday Before 50

Sunday morning,
January 31, 2016
at Bank of America Stadium
Charlotte, NC

The practice field is closed for the season. 
There's nothing left to do down there. The grass
on the stadium field looks hairy and brown with
week-old fading logos. There are only echoes in
our Carolina Cathedral of Football this Sunday 
morning. But, these are the echoes -
of a championship.

What is this energy in this place? 

It is the clarity of a cloudless Carolina blue
afternoon sky contrasted by the limitless palette
and spirit of seventy-thousand elated fans. In the
heart of our Carolina - with no "s" on football
Sundays - it is the spirit of 53 men, their steady
leader and the stoic kind-hearted confident man
who brought the NFL to Charlotte. 

That is the energy that swirls through our hallowed
now cavernous meeting place this morning. 

It is the energy and spirit that brings people together 
and bonds them in the happiness of a proper celebration 
in times when our world, our souls, could surely use it.

This is good.
This feels right. 
But, it's not over yet. 
This is the calm before...

Brad S. Ward

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