Monday, January 2, 2017

Evolution: Ask, "Why?"

Let's put these weapons down. 

Who was it that told us to come here 
to this desert and kill one another?

And for what reason?
In support of what agenda?


Do I threaten you?
Do you threaten me?

Were you not also born of a mother 
who bled for your life?

Same as myself.

Have we not each in our own way 
dreamt of happiness; peace?

Are we afterall, any different at all?

I put down this weapon, now.
I invite you to do so, as well.

We'll talk, 
I'll ask you about your family, 
You'll ask me if I like soccer, and I'll pretend I do.

You will be my brother, 
and we will charge those tyrants 
that sent us here to murder one another 
for a banksters profit,
come take up these arms themselves 
and fight their own war.

I offer you peace; 
I offer you love; 
I offer you friendship. 

I honor that within myself that is you,
and I honor that within you that is myself

We are one in the same.
Let's work together,
and reclaim our humanity 
from the throes of greed and desperation.