Saturday, April 29, 2017

Nuclear Hoax Debate, North Korea, Liberty & Logic

It is important to keep in mind that the primary argument (in most well sourced, detailed presentations) is not that nuclear energy doesn't actually exist, the more accessible, plausible explanation is that nuclear materials and energy is orders of magnitude less harmful to the cellular structure of plants and animals than has been promoted via Cold War and modern propaganda.

Likewise, as interesting and vastly ramifying as the implications of such a deception are, it remains absolutely important that we always apply the principles of reason, logic and evidence in the research of this issue. Just the same as it is with every other issue.

As a society we have had our educational experience hijacked by those who chose to influence into existence a society of laborers who do not ask questions or do not even really know how to question the nature of their reality. This was accomplished when logic was removed from the public education system and subjects were presented to students out of proper sequence and their immersion into each subject greatly limited by and overshadowed by behavior modification techniques; bells, lines, no talking, and the required assumption that any teacher, instructor or professor is the final word on the "facts" they purport.

If we truly want liberty, we first must reclaim and solidify our relationship with logic and critical thinking. And we must cease immediately taking our cues from advertising, corporate media, state supported institutions and any other source that is asking us to accept their version of facts without proper sourcing and compelling evidence. Which is the status quo for governments, marketing and the entertainment industry.

How can it be explained that an entire nation of potentially intelligent people have arrived at a point where the most ubiquitous assumptions of that society suddenly come under rightful question?

Idolatry and patriotic belief in a system that has control of such a great portion of the lives of its subjects is where the understanding of answering this question emanates.

Take back your mind.
Filter the inundating flow of information with logic.
Withdraw your consent from a system that would take advantage of you.
And feel the inspiration of true liberty in your life.

Many times I am asked, "What difference does it make, man? Why should I care about any of this stuff? It doesn't affect me or my life at all."

My reply: See any documentary about North Korea and pay very close attention to the people who are allowed to speak to the camera. Listen closely to their rhetoric regarding their lifestyle, how they feel about their "dear leader" Marshal Kim and be honest when you evaluate how wise it is to assume that such matters do not affect you or your life while you still have a choice.

April 2017