Thursday, May 4, 2017

Child Protective Services in the United States of America - The Truth via Facts and Figures

(This post depicts my research notes for an article written on the subject)

CPS Article Research Notes v 1.2

• Agents are generally poorly trained for the complexity of tasks and decisions they are authorized to make. -  2 mos. of basic psychology, basic medical training.

•The agency is bestowed with the power to compel courts to suspend Constitutional Amendments 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 14th in CPS cases.

•The general opinion of the agency via its own agents and parents who have been affected by CPS is that the State owns the child (The corporate Strawman created by the Birth Certificate makes this idea feasible).

• Over 85% of child removals are not for physical or sexual abuse (most are for marijuana use - even in legalized states, most often when no law has been broken).
CPS is allowed to make subjective moral judgements that are well outside the limits logic, liberty and personal natural law rights.

• Evidence to start a case can be second hand, years old, or simply rumors.
The accused are never allowed to confront their accuser (a direct violation of the 6th Amend.)

• Children 4 yrs of age are considered by CPS/courts as able to consent to private interviews without parent’s knowledge or notification.
     - Agents often interview children at public schools, in private and one one one without consent.
     - Children are asked very personal questions about their home life and about parents personal lives  
       (including questions about their parent’s sexual behavior).

• Cases, names and funds lost by parents fighting CPS in court are NOT rectified/refunded (EVEN IF CPS ACTED ILLEGALLY)

• CPS, Agents, Attorneys and Judges are incentivized for cases started

• CPS is subsidized for EVERY ALLEGATION made (regardless if proven true or not)

• Foster homes/families are compensated extra for every diagnosis/disorder a Dr. makes of a child in their care and for every drug the child is prescribed.

• There are approximately 400,000 kids in foster care in the United States of America.

• Foster Kids are 7 to 8 times more likely to be abused than children who remain in homes deemed abusive by the agency.

• 50% of foster kids end up homeless

• Foster kids are 300% more likely to be prescribed psychotropic drugs.

• Foster kids are 700% more likely to develop eating disorders.

• Foster kids have been seen to present symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at a rate higher than that of  VETERANS OF WAR! and even less likely to recover.

•Foster kids are more likely to become pregnant as a teen than any other demographic.

• Foster kids are 600% more likely to DIE in Foster Care than if they had been left alone to remain in the home from which they were removed.

• Noteworthy: many of these tragedies came after false allegations

The question that this research and the reality of the vast amount of data revealing a very serious issue with the state agency purported to be protecting the interests of children is this:

What is the actual agenda and purpose of this agency when the facts dominantly reveal an agency that
is causing far more harm to children and families than good?

And how does this agency manage to remain viable and in effect?

Can this agency actually be brought down?

Why does the corporate media not report these facts daily?

Is the media and elements of the US Govt. complicit in an agenda to fragment families?


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