Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Coming Fake Alien Invasion: Doable? Necessary?

(First Draft - to be edited, sourced for facts ) June 8 2:00PM

Speaking from a slightly cynical POV and for the purpose of this point, leaving aside the discussion as to whether or not aliens actually exist; that given the current deep-seeded attachment and blind trust most people still exhibit toward the "Propaganda Industrial Complex" (Govt, MSM, Hollywood, Marketing/PR, Public Education, co-opted Religion, etc...) and given their capability to ALL work in concert to produce immediate short-term to generational long-term ostensible narratives ranging from the creation of markets for unnecessary products like striped toothpaste and MOABs to the public's belief of the nature & purpose of wars to the dogmatic academics of "settled science" to the origin of mankind, the universe, and in fact, to generate the common perception of reality itself... I have to say that I believe it's possible in the currently popular paradigm of today's world for a ruse such as a false alien invasion to actually succeed.

However, it's probably not necessary for them to reach quite that far and commit that many resources to that grand a hoax when they could employ a much simpler Hegelian dialectic with the false threat of a planetary collision with a comet or asteroid as the inciting incident or problem; almost assuredly elicit the desired reaction that would create the same public call for the solution they have at-the-ready; which we now have enough experience and evidence to support the opinion that the solution, their ultimate goal, is the consolidation of all wealth, property, human resources and sovereignty under a one world despotism where all the people of the world are devoted to dragged into the paradigm that is more lethal to liberty than any other known to man through recorded history; collectivism.

But, that's just me.
I could be wrong 


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