Monday, June 5, 2017

Thugs and Terrorists... With Badges

The following is a discussion facilitated and made available by Larken Rose. Larken is a well known "anti-statist" and promoter of common sense values for societies of individuals who prefer to live their lives free from the presumed authority, coercion, violence and tyranny of centralized government and the unavoidable slavery it leads to as evidenced throughout history. Larken has taken on the more corrupt elements of government (the IRS, police state tactics, etc...) on behalf of us all and served time in Federal prison for simply speaking out about the unlawful actions of the IRS. Larken provides extremely valuable perspectives on what liberty truly means and how the mindset of masses can be severely affected due to the lasting effects of the modern "social justice" movement and the insidious affect upon a society caused by the tenets of collectivism. I've shared this particular story, and two videos here in my blog in order to enlighten my readers and hopefully many others about how tyranny comes home to show it's teeth on the local level.
This is the latest video and information regarding the case. Below this video is the first video from 2016.

Published on Jun 4, 2017  by Larken Rose      License:  Standard YouTube License 
Larken Rose and Amanda Rachwitz interview Cheryl Yurkowski about the, as Larken stated, "...thuggery and terrorism routinely committed by agents of the state, with a real-life example from Canada." And as you follow this story as it has progressed over the last year you will see for yourself how this is an issue that real, it is now and it is happening to real people like yourself and your family members and absolutely needs to be made as publicly visible and prevalent as possible as quickly as possible.

If you feel this was an egregious overstepping of local government and their presumed "authority" over people who have broken no laws and warrant no such treatment, please use the contact information included to overwhelm these local tyrants with a deluge of complaints against their illegal and violent actions against a small family who were brutalized at the hands of criminals who just happened to be wearing badges; badges that DO NOT grant any authority to oppress and violate anyone.

To contact the street gang which victimized Cheryl:

Kawartha Lakes Police             
6 Victoria Avenue North
Lindsay, Ontario, K9V 4E5

Tel: 705-324-5252

To file a formal complaint against those responsible, contact:
Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD)


Part 1 of this story from 2016

"Fascism, Canadian Style"
Published on Apr 22, 2016

The head of the gang that employs the thugs responsible for assaulting and terrorizing Cheryl can be reached here:

Police Chief John Hagarty
Kawartha Lakes Police

6 Victoria Avenue N
Lindsay, Ontario K9V 4E5, Canada

And can be reached by phone at: 1 705 324 5252
Or online at:

A suggestion: Whether you remain silent about the oppression of others should be based upon whether you want others to remain silent when it happens to you.


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